Windows12 coming soon!!!

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The windows 12 is coming soon.Coming about 2024.Are you looking forward to it?Welcome to leave your comments.


  • No. It will be just as bad as 10 and 11, from my reckoning.
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    I suspect it'll be fine. I also suspect that they're trying to game the whole "good release, bad release, good release" cycle that everyone talks about in order to get people to actually upgrade to 12 instead of ignoring it like they do with 11.

    "Ignore" might be the wrong word, considering 11 has almost 30% marketshare compared to 10's 65%, so it's nothing to sneeze at... but I bet 12 steals the show and that 30% drops quick.
  • I'd be looking forward to Windows 12 only if Microsoft implements the following changes:

    1. Get rid of the Microsoft Account requirement.
    2. Get rid of the unnecessary advertising for Microsoft services and applications (We paid for a legitimate license to use Windows, so stop treating us like we're using a free product).
    3. Stop installing unwanted software without our consent.

    Given Microsoft failed to implement these changes to Windows 11, I'm not feeling optimistic.
  • So what are they going to take away this time?

    I get tired of how every version of Windows gives me less and less control and removes options. I'd assume they would make those fake Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements mandatory again. I'd honestly be surprised if there is still any way to make proper local accounts, because you know, they have to track everything. I fully expect them to take away the ability to run 32-bit programs eventually, although that might be a few more years down the road. I fully expect MORE advertising, and MORE stuff that illogically requires things to be done on Microsoft's servers. They already tried to take away the start menu, so perhaps take away files and folders? Take away all English and other languages and replace it with hieroglyphic icons? Where do they stand right now on forcing people to use SSDs instead of regular hard drives?

    I think I'll just stick with Windows 95.
  • As a GNU/Linux user, I haven't care about Windows for years. What could Microsoft add to Windows to make me want to go back?
  • I've been happily using Windows 10 and 11 with local accounts and not doing any screwy workarounds because it's still a thing, has always been a thing, and I would assume won't stop being a thing... unless they get rid of on-prem AD and force you to use Azure.
  • From the prototypes of Next Valley's UI that I've seen, Microsoft now seems to want Windows to look like macOS instead of KDE. Big whoop

    And considering 10 will be around in one form or another until at least 2032 and the absurd official requirements for 11...
  • @KCompRoom2000
    Given Microsoft failed to implement these changes to Windows 11, I'm not feeling optimistic.
    As long as Satya Nutella is still in charge...
  • Of course I'm looking forward for Windows 12!
    For Windows 12, I'd like to have NTVDM implemented as a 64-bit component-Leecher1337 proved it's possible.
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