Offer / Attached "Geoworks : Writer"

Here is the FULL version of "Geoworks : Writer". Its 2 x 1.44mb disks (Disk 1 and 2) and 1 x 720kb (Disk 3).
I think its a cut down version of Geoworks! And I love ANYTHING Geoworks.. so I was glad to finally find a copy! I'm on a mission to collect and share/preserve everything Geoworks! :-)

Its a very interesting version as the disks are used (have original labels under them from "MS DOS" other 2 are "Parsons Tech" disks. BUT they have REAL Geoworks labels over the top of these! Disk 1 2 and 3 are on the disks from like a "Dymo" Labeller as well. So maybe this was a test or early version?? its quite odd.

I will flat bed scan the Disks, Box and probably front of any manuals inside the box. (I have to get my scanner out).

But wanted to share the program first.




  • You have to follow this (for older versions of Geoworks) There is a known bug with the installer. On faster computers, the very end of the GUI setup portion will crash with a "divide by zero" error. To work around this, edit the GEOS.INI file, find the line "continueSetup =", and change "true" to "false".
  • @GC8TECH
    Thanks for the offer, this serial number works for it: 2101-0011-0207-0026.
  • Sweet, It also says "add latter".. But not sure how long you can keep skipping it :-) I hope to Flat bed scan the disks and everything this coming week or so... Then they can be added to the disk image files
  • Here are scans of each of the 3 Disks, Front of included manual, Front of box and Back of box. The Box is really badly bashed up.. so these are the best scans i could do. You can now zip everything up.. and I'd hope it might get included on the site :-)
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