[REQUEST] Looking for "BASIC/Z - Native Code Compiler" - CP/M software

I acquired an S100 system from the original owner last year and along with it, a bunch of manuals. Among them were 2 binders for "BASIC/Z". The owner said he actually knew the developer of the language. He told me that he developed some software using the language to run his electronics/security business for many years - on the MP/M S100 system that I now own. Unfortunately all the disks/software are long gone. It is my understanding that it was developed by Bob Zale. It was called BASIC/Z back in the CP/M and early DOS days. Borland bought it and it was sold as TurboBASIC, then was purchased back by Bob and renamed to PowerBASIC. I am really hoping someone here might still have a copy of the early CP/M version, either backed up or on disk. The unique thing about this language is that it is not an interpreted BASIC, but fully compiled to machine code and even allows for in-line assembly.

I'd love to find the software to match the software up with these manuals. I think it'd definitely be worth archiving, as I can only find a few mentions of "BASIC/Z" online. See below also an advertisement I found for this software in a 1982 InfoWorld.

I posted this request on the VCF Forums back in August last year but no one has been able to help, and also recently in the Powerbasic forum. Please let me know if you can help locate this software!

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