Borland Turbo Pascal 5.x

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imageBorland Turbo Pascal 5.x

Borland Turbo Pascal is a Pascal programming language compiler with an Integrated Development Environment targeted at the hobbyist and entry-level market. There were versions for CP/M and DOS. For a time, it was sold along side their professional "Borland Pascal" product line. Borland also produced a set of "toolbox" libraries along side their earlier versions.

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    Beware that Borland Turbo Pascal 5.0 (3.5).7z -> disk2.img contains a file named TP8BETA/TPC.EXE, which doesn't belong on the disk and is likely a virus/trojan.

    Hexdump of the first bit of the file:

    0x00000000: 4D5AEE00 12000000 02001C01 FFFF1403 MZ..............
    0x00000010: 80000000 0E001702 1C000000 4655434B ............FUCK
    0x00000020: 1DFE00FF F80EC884 FC56578B 7E0631FF .........VW.~.1.
    0x00000030: FFC0A3D6 05A3C205 FF358D46 8050E85C .........5.F.P.\
    0x00000040: 1CFFFF83 C404B801 00394604 7F03E9FE .........9F.....
  • Thanks for pointing that out. A virus scan doesn't show any problem, but whatever that is is complete crap. (LZ91 compressed and compiled with Zortech C?) Those images are completely crufty anyway.

    Since we have the 5.25" copy I've just deleted the crufty 3.5" one.

    Anyone have a genuine dump of Turbo Pascal 5.0 on 3.5" disk?

    Hmm, seems to have originated on BetaArcive. And of course, they still have that in their archive.
  • It's already gone from WinWorld, but it's clearly not a properly dumped disk image from the original diskette.
    In fact, the TP8BETA/TPC.EXE directory or file does not exist in the original Disk 2.
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