[Offer] Central Point PC Tools 2.06 (SCP, IMG) [5.25, 360K]

Here is Central Point PC Tools 2.06

Floppy image (5.25", 360K) is in SCP, IMG (derived from SCP).



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    Thanks a lot for this and other releases !

    Now it's clear that the first two versions of PC Tools (1.x and 2.x) indeed looked like a single exe file on a floppy with a few [sub]directories.

    p.s. And it's good to see you're back :)
  • Thanks!
    I also have version 2.02 of it.
    It is matched with mine except PCTOOLS.EXE.
  • It is matched with mine except PCTOOLS.EXE

    You can compare your PCTOOLS.EXE from the v2.02 with this file:
  • @callmejack

    Actually, I got version 2.02 a few years ago and dumped it, but I needed verification.

    Thanks to version 2.06, I was able to quickly check it with PCE emulator, and surprisingly, subdirectories and unused memory allocation sectors matched each other.
    Thank you for uploading it again.
  • @tarlabnor I've been very busy those last months so I didn't have much time to archive my collection.

    Always happy to contribute to the preservation of this heritage.
  • @ibm5150 do you know if 2.00 ever existed ?
  • I think I mentioned this elsewhere, but those sub directories would have been referenced as examples in the manual. Copy II Plus for Apple II had similar example sub directories.

    Life can be very busy some times. Thanks very much for archiving this.
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    Well, I don't have 2.00 but 2.02.
    I don't know version 2.00 exists.
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    Most probably it existed.

    An interesting fact: older Central Point floppies (Copy II PC, PC Tools etc.) didn't have exact version number on a sticker. My guess is: they just put the latest program version on a floppy and sold it "as is". So disks with i.e. PC Tools 2.0, 2.02, 2.03 looked pretty much the same, as long as they were released the same year. The only difference was the program on it.
  • @callmejack You are back nice find
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