[Offer] Softlogic Solution Magic Mirror 1.0 (SCP, IMG) [5.25, 360K)

Here is Magic Mirror 1.0 from Softlogic Solutions

I couldn't find much information about this software, except on Byte Magazine from 1987:

Magic Mirror is a memory-resident program that lets you reformat and transfer data between incompatible programs.
You highlight data on your screen to store it on disk in a memory buffer limited only by your disk space.
You can then call the data from the disk and format it for the program you want to send it to.
You can store the formatting procedure in a library and reformat the data to be transferred to another program. After you reformat the data, you call up the target program and transfer the data.
The data is sent as if it is coming directly from the keyboard.
The entire process takes only a few seconds. Magic Mirror runs on IBM PCs and compatibles with MS-DOS or PC-DOS 2.0 or higher and 256K bytes of RAM. It occupies 48K bytes.

Unfortunately I don't have the documentation, so it's hard to understand how it works.

Floppy image (5.25", 360K) in SCP and IMG (derived from SCP).


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