Turbo Pascal for Mac and out of memory errors

I've got Mini vMac running with a Macintosh 512 rom. I boot it using Mac OS 2 and I start Turbo Pascal 1. But I can't compile anything, I get error 99 out of memory. I have 20K of free memory, and that does seem quite little. But anyone have a suggestion on how I can free more memory to write pascal programs?


  • I tried it on the mini vmac setup I have. 4MB with System 7 and Turbo Pascal seems to work except for a illegal instruction upon quitting. Multifinder gives it 384K max and with Clock,PAS 320K is free. You should have plenty of memory on a 512K Mac.

    Suggestions: Use a later version of MacOS. System 3 should have been the version when Turbo Pascal was released so try that or a later one. Make sure there aren't a lot of DAs loaded.
  • Weird, I couldn[t get the Mac Plus rom to work with vMac, I downloaded it again and now I can get Mac Plus rom to work, but not Mac 512k... Mini vMac seems weird.

    But at least I got pascal to run this time. Thank you.
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