Microsoft Office 97 Install Issue

I am trying to load Office 97 onto an old laptop running Windows 2000. As such, there should not be a compatibility issue. I downloaded the Professional version of Office 97 in an ISO format which I expanded into its constituent files/folders on a USB Drive in a master folder titled Office97Pro.

When I tried to launch the install program, it appeared to be the AutoRun.exe file in an AutoRun folder. When that file was launched, what appeared to be the Office 97 Install program appeared with 3 options. They were to install Microsoft Office, to get key information for upgrades and new users, or to explore the Office97 ValuePack.

In selecting either of the latter 2, the install program cannot find the necessary help files, and if the option to install Office 97 is selected, nothing happens at all. As such, does anyone know if there is something I am doing that is preventing things from working. I am not really interested in either of the help issues, just to install Office 97. Thanks much!


  • I have an update. I was able to download an Office 97 Professional ISO file from a different website and it worked fine, allowing the installation of Office 97 Professional. This was done using the SetUp.exe file in the primary directory as the installer. In the same ISO file from WinWorldPC, the SetUp.exe file did not launch at all. Therefore, there must be a corrupt and/or missing file in the WinWorldPC ISO file for Office 97 Professional.
  • The autorun program is hard coded to run from a CD-ROM. If you extract the ISO contents to a folder, it usually won't work. Many CD and floppy setup programs are like this. They expect their original media. You are typically supposed to either burn ISOs to a CD-R/RW or mount the ISO using an emulator.

    In this case running SETUP directly should still work.

    Keep in mind the media on this site is packed for authenticity rather than ease of use. Other sites may have downloads that are "easier" but they may be altered to omit stuff or include extra stuff that was never there.
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