[Offer] Microsoft File 1.04 for Macintosh - copy protected (SCP, DC42, MOOF, A2R, IMG) [3.5" 800K]

Microsoft File 1.04 for Macintosh

The disk contains 2 bad sectors and is copy protected. Does anyone know how to run it on an emulator ? I tried on Mini Vmac but I can't open a raw format file, it accepts only IMG format, which doesn't work.

I have enclosed images in DC42 as well as raw images in SCP, MOOF and A2R format.



  • PCE supports using its PSI format for disk images in the Macintosh builds. In theory that should enable running simplistic copy protection, but I've never had any luck with that.

    The Mac floppy controller made it possible to do some wacky things with disks.
  • @SomeGuy what would be the the PFI/PRI commands to convert SCP to PSI Mac 800K format ?
  • Nobody can find the DOS version of Microsoft File because Microsoft decided to ship Microsoft File in Japan not in America. Source: InfoWorld Jan 21, 1985
  • The simple way to convert is:
    pfi "scpimage.scp" disk1.pfi
    pfi disk1.pfi -c 0-79 -p set-rpm-mac-500 -r 500000 -p decode pri disk1.pri
    pri disk1.pri -p auto-align-gcr -p decode gcr disk1.psi -f -v
    psi disk1.psi disk1.img
    psi disk1.psi -L > disk1.txt

    But I normally use a more complicated way that gives me more control over the revolutions on each track.

    Note that with SCP you need to make sure you read Mac disks with at least three revolutions, otherwise the PCE tools may give random decoding errors due to how the tracks are not index aligned.
  • @SomeGuy thanks ! With 3 revolutions, should I use the -R 2 parameter in order to select the 2nd revolution for the conversion ?

    pfi disk1.pfi -c 0-79 -R 2 -p set-rpm-mac-500 -r 500000 -p decode pri disk1.pri
  • Normally, yes. I'm not sure why that is not in my batch file above. Perhaps the simpler method doesn't have that issue and I just can't remember.
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    @SomeGuy I tried but it would't run on PCE (keeps asking for original disk). I got some help from the developper of AppleSauce FDC (@DiskBlitz) and he was able to create a working .MOOF file that works with MAME emulator. It seems that the copy protection used was PACE.

    Here is the link with the fixed files


  • Awesome work. It's good to see that the image is actually complete.

    Is there information posted about this "PACE" copy protection somewhere? I'd like to read up on it.
  • @SomeGuy I don't know much about it.

    One track is written so that it is read with random sync error (maybe some kind of weak bit?)

    Here is the message given by Applesauce tool

  • @callmejack I hope we find the MS-DOS Version of Microsoft File one day.
  • @johnlennon364 yes, that would be great !
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