Mice don't last long these days...

From the past eight years now, I've went through five different mice (two Logitech B100s, an HP X1000 and two Dell MS116s) and they've all broke on me after over a year on average where the most common problem is the left mouse button being broken or problem with the scroller wheel. Right now, I have an HP QY777AT mouse which was a spare that I took from college but now I fear that won't last me long (as it was used).

Based on that experience, I really don't think computer mice last as long as they used to be and it really isn't fair... I mean, I've had one Logitech mouse that did me a good 11 years (that came with my first WinXP computer). It could be the harsh reality that mice and certain other electronic devices don't last long or maybe it's just down to my bad luck.

On top of that, anybody know any mice that can do you for like five years or so, like the one I had back in the day?


  • Everything these days is engineered to last exactly a certain short amount of time. A couple of months ago I bought some small bathroom rugs - they are already disintegrating and probably won't last a year.

    I'm tempted to say I'm still using the same Windows 95 era Mitsumi PS/2 mouse, but I've replaced parts over the years so I don't remember how much is original. The button switches lasted around 20 years of heavy use but I eventually had to swap them out. They had a nice light touch that didn't cause repetitive muscle strain. Picked up a couple spares over the years, including a USB version.
  • Yeah, mice dying is a problem that's plagued me for a good long while.

    The Logitech B100s are nice mice, but they definitely don't last. I use them on pretty much everything that's not my main desktop. I keep a stockpile of them and just replace them whenever they die.

    I had an HP mouse that I loved back in the day and it was rock solid until I broke it out of anger. I don't remember how many years it lasted, but it was definitely a few. That HP dying started the hunt for a decent mouse.

    I rocked a logitech G400 for a while and I really liked it, but I started having funky scrolling issues. I had gotten a G400s for work, so I switched to that at home as well. It still works, but I haven't used it in a while.

    About 3ish years ago I switched to a Razer Viper and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I'm not having any issues with it after 3 years. Will it die in 2 years? I hope not. But we'll just have to see.

    One thing that I hope will give it a fighting chance is that it uses optical buttons rather than the traditional micro switches. It feels like any other mouse button, but I guess it uses an optical sensor under the hood.
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