Went there for first time in many moons. Link that was posted here about an app I think. Went back. No can reach. Thought maybe they'd gone down. Checked "Is it down" and it's on my end.

After fiddling about, found out it's blocked in my router because of what shows in the screenshot below. I use Spectrum, a part of Charter, and it's the only option here in redneck land. Their support is WORTHLESS.

So, easiest workaround was a free vpn.


  • What does a "Secure Browsing" threat mean? Sounds like complete bullshit.

    Can you access it from an actual computer? That message itself looks really suspicious. it says the domain is rot.spotsniper.ru.

    I can access old-dos.ru ok from my thing-a-majig running Windows 95 and crappy ISP.

    Still, it is a good reminder that the real control of access to any information on the internet is not in our hands, and can be taken away in an instant.
  • The message is from an app on my iPhone when I access the router. When accessing the router from my Intel based laptop directly via , I am presented with basic router info there is NO option for setting ports, etc.

    Now, is it possible that old-dos.ru does have a hitchhiker on its pages? I dunno.

    In years past, I would drill down into the whole mess and sort it out. But I am old, and what time I have left I will not waste on this.

    Similarly, I uploaded Fix-It Utilities 2000 1.5 to archive.org. I included the 1.52 update and web pages from the Wayback Machine. I get an email saying the whole upload was blocked because the update - which I remind came from there - was scanned by virustotal, and 2 of the 30 or so mickey mouse malware engines flagged it as "suspicious".

    Now, how lazy and stupid is that?

    I sent a response as per the email option a week ago - no reply

    I tore the update apart. It's clean. It is flagged because it is little more than a self-extractor and has more than one file compressed with ZIP algorithm in the body of the executable.

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