Help with Converting Kryoflux stream to Transcopy

I've made several Kryoflux dumps of copy-protected games. I've managed to convert several of them into Transcopy images to run in DOSBox-TC, but two of them are giving me problems. When using the PCE tools, the images do not work and the file sizes seem smaller than they should be. When I use flux2tc, it just crashes as soon as it starts the conversion. I was wondering if someone could help.

Investigating this a little more, I have a theory what might be going wrong. The ones that worked are all dumps from several years ago. The ones that are failing are more recent. I'm wondering if the conversion tools don't work with dumps made from a newer version of DTC. Some of the information in the file is formatted differently:

host_date=2014.01.06, host_time=21:00:49
name=KryoFlux DiskSystem, version=2.20s, date=Dec 30 2012, time=02:33:19, hwid=1, hwrv=1, sck=24027428.5714285, ick=3003428.5714285625

host_date=2018.08.28, host_time=13:03:48, hc=0
name=KryoFlux DiskSystem, version=3.00s, date=Mar 27 2018, time=18:25:55, hwid=1, hwrv=1, hs=1, sck=24027428.5714285, ick=3003428.5714285625

This would explain why flux2tc crashes almost immediately. So, for starters, has anyone generated a Transcopy image from a dump using DTC 3.00? This will helpful to know if I need to find an older version of DTC.



  • Quick update. It was the newer version of DTC that was the problem. I found an updated version of the PCE tools that can convert them correctly.
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