Freelance Graphics 2.0 (DOS)

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imageFreelance Graphics 2.0 (DOS)

GCI/Lotus/IBM Freelance Graphics is a vector based presentation and graphing package developed for DOS, OS/2, and Windows. It was intended for use alongside Lotus 1-2-3. Later versions were part of SmartSuite. Before it was acquired by Lotus it was known Freelance, from Graphic Communications.

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    This program has disk copy protection on Program 2 disk.
    But uploaded one is missing.

    Also this seems not to be dumped from original disk.
  • From the screenshots, clearly I got it to run. Is this perhaps the kind of copy protection that is only used until the product is registered?
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    At least the one uploaded to WinWorldPC appears to have been uploaded as an image file, not a direct dump from the original diskette, but a copy-only copy of the files to another diskette.

    However, the original diskette contains a disk copy protect sector on track 16/0 on Program Disk 2.

    This is called "One Time Registration", so you need to register your user/company name for first time use.
    After executing FL_FIRST.COM, Program Disk 2 must be inserted.
    If it is an original disc, a message asking you to register when you use it for the first time like a screenshot
    and it is written to GCIFL.SLD.

    Once the user information is recorded in GCIFL.SLD, if you want to modify it again, you can modify and restore GICFL.SLD. At this time, be careful that the disk protect sector in the original diskette of Program Disk 2 must be alive.
    Fortunately, in version 2.0, this part is not touched during the registration process, but in version 3.0 / 3.01, the sector (1024 bytes) of the bet attribute of track 39/0/1
    Removes the protect sector while transforming it to standard 512 bytes.

    Of course, once registered, it can be executed without a protect sector, but it is impossible to register a user without a protect sector.

    For this reason, this version includes disk copy protection.

    *One Time Registration Processing

    *No Copy Protected Track/Sector

    *Already Registered
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