[OFFER] QuarkXPress 6.0 for Windows

This is the ISO file I found of the Windows edition of the sixth final public release of the QuarkXPress desktop publishing application, which competed against Adobe's InDesign CS1 (aka 3.0) at the time it was released in 2003. https://mega.nz/file/o30UxTjS#bCELe8Ystwtmf5lrkGOV2B8OitUF6Uzt2Goul8Jzfck


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    This is a hybrid MAC/PC ISO. It was correctly imaged. Be sure to use a savvy ISO tool such as UltraISO if burning to a CD.

    Serials (I tested the PC install):


    That will get the installer happy. However, good luck getting it activated afterwards.

    Edit: Oh! BTW, ISO creation date is June 13, 2003. Newest file date is June 11,2003.
  • @02k-guy Thanks for the creative information!
  • yup. you are welcome.
    Hopefully, it will be of use to WinWorld.
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