[REQUEST] Windows NT 3.5 in 5,25" and 3,5" floppy disks

There is only the CD-ROM version of Windows NT 3.5 available in WinWorld. Please add downloads for the floppy disk version (in both 3,5" and 5,25" floppy disks).


  • NOTE: I was wrong. Windows NT 3.5 is not available in 5,25" floppy disks.
  • There was a bootdisk set on 3.5'' (and probably on 5.25'') but I don't recall there ever being a complete WinNT 3.x installation set on floppy.
  • I have downloaded the floppy disk version of Windows NT 3.5 from a different website (disk 1-3 are 1.44MB, other are DMF-formatted).
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