Borland C++ Builder on WinWorld

Firstly, it's the Enterprise Edition. Came in 3 flavors: Enterprise, Professional, and Personal.
Next, ISOs were created with ImgBurn. No biggy, I'm sure they will work just fine.

Big one: the supplied Serial and Auth code is just a start. You somehow have to also get a valid Registration code and Activation key. Even if the ones supplied weren't blacklisted, I do not believe Authorization servers still exist.

My attempted solution: I rounded up the full 5-CD set from "somewhere", AND the keygen that gets around the Authorization and Activation issue AND the latest/last updates. ISOs seem to have correct timestamps and listed CD software used.

My intention was to upload the whole shebang to and post the link here at WinWoirld, and let the Admins decide if these would be a benefit to us all.

The snag: No way, under any devious method, will allow the keygen. I already know from past experience, they will scan the files at VirusTotal, and I know that the lazy bastiches automatically flag keygens as "suspicious".

If admin approves I can attach keygen as a file.

I am really p*ssed at the laziness of AV sites and even

At the very least, I will RAR the whole package up and post to Vetusware and keep my fingers crossed.


  • If you are convinced the keygen is really safe, and the only way to install the program, I'll consider it. Does it set off any local virus scanners?

    Most of the software on this site only requires a single serial or key to install, so we have not had to worry about that much yet.

    AV vendors are more than happy to take money to mark whatever your favorite software is as "bad".
  • Defender flags as suspicious. The virustotal report is above.
    Its the only way to authenticate.
    But I know and you know, there is a huge diff between crying wolf vaguely and being able to name a specific threat. And not of those lazy bas**ards name a specific threat.

    I was doubtfuul when someone asked for the keycode here, but now I understand that Borland used a 4 key process, and without a server...

    Here's the keygen.

    Link to ISOs and updates here:
  • What a tedious install. After much fiddling and 3 hours, got this combination to work:

    ____Serial number: mjw6-eevn4-zdp6e
    Authorization key: 5yj-e68
    Registration code: 133530
    ___Activation key: ?X?8P?PVHXJ@K8?
  • Tried downloading the files, but it always fails at about 99% and won't resume. Then the resulting zip part is, of course, corrupted. Arrrrag.
  • I'm going to delete it and reup. As I was uploading, their engine reported that it would not allow an "encrypted file" (password protected keygen) and I bellieve that corrupted the upload stream.

    The whole thing is here tho: C++ Builder 6 Enterprise Edition 6.0/?id=17952
  • I also have a kludge, by importing a .reg file. Works OK, but damn, I hate not being able to do things "the right way".
  • Could you post the reg file and describe how to use it? The more options, the merrier.

    In my opinion, key gens should provide their source code so they could be transmitted in source form, as free speech. And therefore allow auditing. As it is, many keygens obfuscate their content, leaving one to wonder. does not allow encrypted/password protected files? Uh, I have seen a few genuine setup programs where the setup archives are password protected (setup then automatically decompresses with the password so the user never even knows).
  • I agree. Except, well, warez. Having been in that scene, we like to keep things from the kiddies.


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "App"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Borland\\CBuilder6\\Bin\\bcb.exe"
    "RootDir"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Borland\\CBuilder6"


    What I did:
    Just dumped cD1 and \Install from CD2 to make it less painful.

    You are required to supply these at very begining of installation, and this is what I used:
    Serial number: mjw6-eevn4-zdp6e
    Authorization key:5yj-e68

    They are the same as recorded in reg file. ("LMLIC" and "LMKEY").

    Next (because I had the keygen), I was able to generate the Activation key:
    Activation key: 47EUIE?X87KD:UE

    At that point, Borlands tool writes the above value to Registry.
    Program exclaims "You Are Registered!" or some such.

    Now, I go to Registry, save that Key out, then delete the binary value in "LM".
    Sure enough, it's no longer registered.

    Then, merge the saved .REG and it once again is happy.

    All the key verifying and registry entry is done with a small program Borland uses and it's among the first files copied to the hard drive.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Borland\CBuilder6\Bin\bcb6reg.exe

    It can be run all by itself so the tedium of starting Cbuilder can be avoided.

  • More: /IF/ you are a license holder for Embarcadero's current C++Builder 11.3, they will supply you with links to older versions of C++, including 6.0. And a license! However, the license is tied to your Embarcadero account, so none of us quislings would be able to use that key information.

    I intend to spend more time developing a reliable method to register this edition and the Prefessional release.

    Borland's method works, but it's a dead-end for curators. And, I really dont want to have to go in and patch the executable because of this.
  • Have now done several installs.

    Method is this:
    1. Extract both CDs to a common dir. (faster)
    2. Navigate to C:\Disk1\Install\Borland C++Builder 6.msi and execute. (faster)
    3. Install BCB6 (using the keys I'll list)
    4. At completion installer says you will need to reboot to effect changes.
    7. Double-Click the reg file and merge it into the registry.


    Now, you can reboot and use BCB6.

    ____Serial number: 4pw6-eevt3-vncqa
    Authorization key: aer-u8b
  • edited August 4
    I believe the keys I've used are the ones in the WinWorld distro. I have more.

    Turns out, BCB6 Ent and Pro use indentical key authorization tools.(bcb6reg.exe)

    Means keys are interchangeable.

    The BCB6 install does not write to registry until first use.

    Only BCB6 requires authorization AFAIK. The other included software does not.

    Let me know, ok?
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