WineVDM & OTVDM - run win 16bit apps in W7, W8, W10

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Pretty cool. 16bit apps on 64bit Windows.

With WineVDM, you initiate "otvdmw.exe", and select the 16bit app to run.

And OTVDM - it's supposed to be active all the time, and detect when you've selected a 16bit app and take over control.

Both are WINE ("Wine Is Not an Emulator"). Unfortunately for me, I've not been able to get OTVDM to work on my system - the install.inf kicks out “INF File You Selected Does not Support this Method of Installation” in Windows 10.

Latest WineVDM:

Latest OTVDM:

Page with description and an INNO based nstaller:


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    Nice. Can it run Microsoft BOB?

    I'm serious, the last time I tried BOB in Wine on Linux - quite some time ago -, it would not run at all. But BOB runs nicely on Windows 10-32bit.
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    Answer is yes. that's what it says here:
    caveat: "I installed Microsoft Bob on my Windows 7 machine. It complained about UTOPIA.DLL missing. The solution? Move everything out of C:\MSBOB\HOME and put it in C:\MSBOB. Worked just fine after that."

    Im using it to run Borland Workshop.
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