270 DOS-Windows File Managers, 600+ Versions + Install Files

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Hello everyone,

I've collected all the DOS and Windows file managers I've accumulated over the last 25 years and uploaded the zip file to the Internet Archive here:

I've uploaded all I have so that some of the earlier and more obscure ones won't be lost to time.

There are 270 file managers (give or take a few) and roughly 600+ versions of them in the uploaded zip file (the file is 1GB and I haven't uploaded it here to save on WinWorld's bandwidth).

I've tried to remove any duplicate entries from the list but there may/will be a couple left.

The zip file with all install files will include some duplicates, as this collection grew over 25 years and is sourced from several different PCs I used over that time and combining files from various sources will inevitably lead to some duplicates.

For several of the file managers there are multiple versions and in a few cases lots of versions, hence the estimate of 600+ versions.

Almost all of these are Freeware, with only a relatively small amount of Shareware.

While some of these are intended for DOS or earlier versions of Windows, I think the majority are probably 32-bit compatible and should run on most Windows versions.

No Linux or MAC file managers are included (that I'm aware of).

I've tried many of the file managers at one time or another (as evidenced by my comment on some included in the file name).

The exception to this is the file managers from the SIMTEL and SAC archives that I've included in the zip file - I've not tried any of these (at least that I'm aware of) but I've included them so you can try some of them.

The install files are grouped into 7 categories, which is a simply a result of how I have them stored on my NAS.

The category "Main" has the majority (119 file managers with ~400 versions) followed by SAC, DOS and SIMTEL.

The "Main" category is mostly Windows file managers but there will be some DOS included due to how these were collected over time.

And a note on OLD-DOS-RU - the site claims 202 entries in the file manager category but I haven't downloaded or included any for a few reasons.

One being I've rather lost interest in vintage software, another being that given the way the OLD-DOS site is structured it would mean visiting each of the 202 web pages to download, and the final being that the site is in Russian and browsing using gugl translate is tedious at best - but you may decide it's worth the effort.

The three files I've uploaded to the Internet Archive are:

1. "File_Manager_File_and_Directory_Lists.pdf"
Lists of all file managers, versions and category contents

2. "270_DOS-Windows_File_Managers_(600+_Versions).zip" (1GB)
Install files in directory structure categories

3. "OLD-DOS.RU_File_Manager_Web_Pages_GT_(202).pdf"
EN version of all OLD-DOS-RU file manager pages

(There's nothing in the zip file that will cause you AV to get excited).

I'd suggest downloading the .pdf document with the list of file managers first so that you can decide whether there's anything in the zip file that interests you, before downloading the 1GB zip file.

There are some interesting file managers in the zip - I've unpacked a few of them at one stage but most are simply install files waiting for you to install and enjoy.

I'll shortly add a page for these on my web site: https://multiboot-windows.dscloud.me/
and also add a new folder on my FTP server: ftp://shotterftp21.mooo.com/ (as anonymous)

Downloads from my site may be quicker than the Internet Archive.

Kind regards,
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