Victor 9000 and Victor Pulse software


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    Thanks. I've been meaning to add some more Victor 9000 stuff that others have archived.

    The bizarre floppy disk format makes them incredibly difficult to read or write, even with a flux level device.

    I only wish I had a Victor 9000 to test with, but those go for obscene piles of money these days.

    BTW: Edited an error in your link that caused it to redirect elsewhere.
  • I know that one of the things Victor was known for is how they manipulated the floppy drive to gain increased capacity.

    I'm sure you folks will figure it out.
  • I note that another rasher of programs were uploaded today.
  • Recent additions include VictorLan, Diskless Network Station, MS-DOS 1.25 and some Victor Newsdisk volumes.
  • Just a heads up: I've added basic support for FAT-formatted Victor disks to TotalImage, so it can now handle most single- and double-sided raw images.

    And this truly is a weird disk format. During this exercise I learned that the bootsector is completely different from what one would expect, there's documentation errata regarding the sectors per track info, and for double-sided disks the second side actually has fewer sectors than the first side.
  • Either I had forgoten, or did not know about your project.
  • I made a topic for the Alpha 1 release on this forum a few months back. I should also note that Victor 9000 format support is in the master branch only at the moment, for which no binaries are provided. But this feature will be included with the next Alpha release.
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