OFFER!!!....Titlebar Clock Pro 6.2.1 Portable Win32...Make Good Use of that Wasted Space!!>>>

Found this on an old directory on an old HDD & remembered I had not ever tried it...(too many distractions)...

Important thing was if it would work well with the THREE other apps that use or occupy the titlebar I use...

Seems to have passed the test, very configurable...Font, Color, Button, Calendar, Alerts, QwikKlik, ETC...

Pass is WinWorld




  • edited August 26
    Has a good timer features... very useful.
    Reads out the time too :)

    It's a single executable, no installation.
    The help PDF points to their old site but there's no archive.
    This was the old page, but no help.
  • Thanks for the wayback link Garcia...And the review...

    Looks like Garcia is my present-day abandonware reviewer & fact checker...

    And for absolutely NO PAY!...I give Garcia applause!!
  • haha, i try and check out the software :)
    I was looking for a long time a good timer alert app... this one is pretty good and simple!
  • Right...Yes, it has that & some other clever stuff...

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