Laptop shutting off

I have a gateway laptop with a i7 3520m CPU. I upgraded it from a i3 to i7. With the i3 I could use it for hours before it would shut off. Now for some reason it will shut off after 30 minutes of using it. I let it play my music and open cpu-x and it runs between 45 & 50 Celsius. The fan kicks on at 50 Celsius and kicks off at 45 Celsius. It takes about 10 seconds to reach 50 Celsius. I can't figure it out. The i3 draws 35 watts and the i7 draws 45 watts of power. I put new CPU paste on it. So thanks for the help.


  • Intel says that i7 has a TDP of 35W.

    Other than making sure the fan is working poperly and pulling the heat pipe base to check for proper CPU contact, have no suggestions.

    I would wonder if the i3 and i7 have the exact same vertical dimension - even a millmeter would affect alignment with the cooler base. (shrugs)
  • I know the heatsink is fitting it right. I clean the old paste off and put new on. Fan does work right. I watch it turn on then off. When it runs I feel warm air comes out. It gets no hot as 50 Celsius. And the fan kicks off at 45 Celsius and kicks on at 50 Celsius. It stays on for exactly 30 minutes and out of no warning the thing shuts right off. Well thanks for the help.
  • "I clean the old paste off and put new on."
    Yes. You stated that in your first post.
    "fan kicks off at 45 Celsius and kicks on at 50 Celsius."
    Yes You stated that in your first post.

    The CPU is going to produce the same amount of heat, whether it's making proper contact with the base of the cooler or not.

    There remains only two considerations: do the CPU and cooler make proper, full contact, and whether the heat pipe itself is damaged.
  • pipe is not damaged and the cooler and cpu make beautiful contact. In less the paste i used is junk. It was $1.50 cpu paste from China off of Amazon. I know the laptop doesn't get hot on the bottom and where the cpu is doesn't get hot. But the chipset gets little warm. The metal piece thats build into the chipset is blue from getting warm. Gateway don't put heatsink on there chipset. The more i look at it. I am wondering if the chipset next to the cpu is getting to warm and shut the computer off. Well sunday i going to work on it some more. I may try other cpu to see what happens. I know i read online the many people have this problem with this model of laptop. well thank you for the help.
  • "The metal piece thats build into the chipset is blue from getting warm."
    Yeah, your diagnostic skills are so far beyond mine. I'll leave you with this:

  • The chipset die cover is almost always that off-blue dark color these days/
    If the computer wasn't doing this before, it is not the chipset.

    Check how you put the heatsink on.
  • My chipset is a intel hm70 and on other forum i was told the chipset has a 30 minute timer. So if you use a cpu not for that chipset it will do a 30 minute count and shut the computer off. The intel hm70 chipset only like Celeron and Pentium dual and single core processor and if you use any type of i3,i5,i7 for the g2 socket it will do a 30 minute count down and then shut off. The guy also told me only few people got a i3 cpu to work with a little reprogramming. He told me to get the fastest Pentium for a g2 and go with that. After i put the original cpu back in. It work great not. Thank for the help.
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