Trumpet WINSOCK 3.x

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imageTrumpet WINSOCK 3.x

Trumpet WINSOCK, from Peter Tattam of Trumpet Software, was a shareware package that added dial-up TCP/IP connectivity with a Windows Sockets (Winsock 1.1) layer to Microsoft Windows 3.x. Earlier versions worked under Windows 3.0. This software was extremely popular on Windows 3.1. Microsoft eventually released their own TCP/IP dial-up software bundled with Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 3.1, and with Windows 95. Windows for Workgroups 3.11 supported TCP/IP and Winsock, but only over a LAN.

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  • Hi, just installed trumpet winsock 1.0 on my old 286 with 1 meg of dip RAM (win 3.1 for workgroups), works fine, maybe others are also interested in that version
    can I upload somehow? should I send to the contact mail?

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