WinRAR earliest builds: 1.54b, 1.55b, 2.06

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Builds 1.54b and 1.55b are the earliest known Windows 3.1 builds of a previously DOS only program. They are NE/16bit and run without external support files.

Version 2.06 contains both a Windows 3.1 executable (that requires Win32s) and a fully compliant Windows 95 executable. It is the last build to support Windows 3.1, Windows NT 3.1, Windows NT 3.5, Windows NT 3.51 and Win32s.

For the features noted above, I find them significant in the long history of RAR. Eugene Roshal made a big splash on Usenet when his RAR with "solid" algorithm hit the scene. Almost overnight, RAR displaced ZIP, ARJ, LZH and a host of other early compression utils. His very well designed Norton Commander-like interface no doubt also played a role in its fast adoption.

Edit: Yes I know there are other 2.x builds. But as noted above, 2.06 is a change point for Win 3.x users.


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