OFFER!!!... Caligari gameSpace 1.5 Win32... A trueSpace for Game Formats>>>

Wow... Saturday already... "If You don't come in on Saturday, Don't even bother coming in on Sunday"...

Comes with the PDFs... If you want the video tut you can go here-

There are 2 for gameSpace which were done by 3DBuzz which were really the best of all of those... Many of those tS tuts are basically 'walkthroughs' I guess learning how to tutor is harder than the actual learning of the software...

Too much 'assumed knowledge' & not being able to revisualize the software from a 'raw beginners' aspect & cover all necessary bases & pifalls... Like Mark Bremmer, Who did Anime Studio & Carrara tuts... REAL GOOD TUTOR!!

Now also since the FINAL trueSpace was given out for FREE ALL SUBSETS of it are IPSO FACTO FREE!... That means you can use gameSpace for commercial work or any other & if it worked out you'd probably get a big pat on back from Gill Bates for making $ on 20 year-old soft...

As to OTHER abandonware that ain't free I always preach FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY... NOT EVEN A PENNY!

Pass is WinWorld




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    I dont think the GS 3DBuzz course is on flat2d.
    Here is one:
    I think that's the only one I've seen.

    Mark Bremmer, is great too, I watched him on a few Poser tuts.

    I wanted to like GS and TS for a long time, and I think it's good free software.
    But personally, I felt like I was fighting with the UI a lot, not as bad as Blender.
    The older version of TS, like GS I found quicker to pickup, it has better UI help and documentation.

    Edit: great package, the setup and docs, nice!
    Do you know why in winXP we have to set win95 compatibility? It came out after winXP :/
  • LOL!... You still using the 'Virtual Machine'?... If so that is the problem, VMs are just as close an approximation as possible & more than likely a person's hardware is too good for this old soft & DX-OpenGLs are NOT backwards compatible like is claimed... These people making these claims are not using the VM on gameSpace, or Mirai or other if they did they'd see major problem areas...

    I have installed on numerous XP SP3 with variety of configs & video drivers no problem... It just 'works'...

    Yeah, I forgot that Bremmer did Poser tuts too... He did a C4D R10.5 tut but have not seen it anywhere, I am sure it's top notch... I have all the free Carrara tuts he had on his site which were removed years ago as well...

    I thought gS was on Flat2D... Then what is this?... Is that mis-labelled?=

    Yeah, I kinda agree on trueSpace... I think that is why many prefer version 4.3 as it was most stable before they started shoving shite into the app like crazy...

    Still for me after using C4D which is SUPER stable it's hard to get used to the occasional crash in any of the tS-gS stuff...

    BUTT!... Many have done some real good stuff in it & it was way cheaper than other packages at the time...
  • Ah, it's a VM issue, very strange.
    OpenGL seems to work OK on VMware, the only real issue I find is when the mouse goes of screen, if there is a table mode option, it works just fine, if not then the mouse has to be locked in the VM.

    Your right, it is the 3DBuzz GS tut... I looked and didn't see it! :anguished:
    And yes, it's in 2 parts, so that's 2 3DBuzz GS tuts
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