[REQUEST] Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 build 528

Whoever got this disc from eBay, please contribute it!


  • Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 Workstation (3.10.511.1) (3.5) here is actually build 528.

  • @jonirob
    That's the floppy set…
  • What I'm requesting is the CD-ROM, which contains binaries for ×86 and RISC-based systems.
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    Not sure if this helps you or not, but I have the CD from a few months prior, 0593 Disc Assy. 236-075-002. If it will help, let me know and I can kick up the ISO for y'all. Interesting that the one from 4 months later has DEC Alpha version included on the disc and they changed the wording to just "x86" instead of 386, 486, Pentium.

  • @sgray500 - one thing that would be a real asset is a good scan of the
    CD face. Especially the inner ring where Microsoft imprints the image mastering code.
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    @02k-guy Is there a specific format/standard that y'all use for the disc scans? And do you want one image, side by side, or separate front and back images? I can probably pop it out this weekend.

    The ISO image is already available if you want it (ripped in a clean/near-sterile environment on dedicated systems).
  • @sgray500 image like attached, is good enough. Approx 800x800, 24bit depth. Zoomed, you can make out the inner ring details - CDRM 1079000-1. That's unique for each Microsoft pressing. Sometimes, like on the Windows 98 SE SELECT I just received, the data - if present - can only be seen on the back side of the CD.
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    The post-RTM Client build's CD-ROM has the following two lines printed:
    • Disc contains code to run on Windows NT-compatible x86, Pentium™, R4000™, R4400, and Digital Alpha AXP™ systems.
    • 0993 Disc Assy. 236-075-026
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