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    Took a moment to look at the ISO. It includes i386, MIPS /AND/ Alpha binaries.

    On Winworld's download page it says "Build 3.10.528.1 is a second release, dated 9/11/1993, that includes Alpha binaries."

    So, this may be a worthwhile addition to WW. The ISO appears correctly dated and imaged, (may be overdumped, havent had time to check).

    Edit: Im going to call the ISO in the link about good, properly imaged, and Build 3.10.511.1

    Extracting and expanding NTOSKRNL.EXE and NTKRNLMP.EXE, then using PE Explorer, hex editor, the version table shows 3.10.511.1, and these two files exavtly match the corresponding files in WinWorlds "Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 Workstation (3.10.511.1) (ISO)".

    With the addition of the ALPHA binaries. Here's the juicy part: The ALPHA NTOSKRNL.EXE reports 3.10.520.1.

    BTW, the ISO /is/ overdumped, I can upload the smaller re-imaged one if its of value.

    Apologies for multiple posts. But I think this is a keeper.
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