[OFFER] Lotus SmartSuite Release 2 (virgin media)

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Hey guys,

If anybody wants...

Recently I picked up another new/sealed copy of Lotus SmartSuite Release 2 so that I could have an older, pre-4.0 version for my master media kit that I use to build images for older systems. I broke the sealed media (all 3.5" 1.44MB) and ripped them in my clean/near-sterile environment. On this non-80s stuff, i'm only doing regular disk image (.IMA / WinImage) files unless there's a good reason to do raw rips. Although technically it's a "retail upgrade" SKU, it seems that the media is the full-version without any checks for prior installation, as I was able to install it on a freshly-built box. From what I recall, a lot of this "upgrade" stuff back then was sold and verified as such at the time of sale, but the media in the box was mostly all the same.

EDIT: is there a clean place to upload this stuff (directly on WinWorld preferably)? I hate using third-party sites to store files.


  • No, we don't have our own upload. But if your worry is about posting something publicly, you can send me a private message with a link via the forum.
  • For clarification, it's actually Version 2.1
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