[OFFER] RealmCrafter Pro v2.53 Beta and source code

Thanks to generous users in the RealmCrafter community, RealmCrafter Pro is finally not lost to time.

This is the abandoned successor to the well-known MMORPG maker software RealmCrafter. The original was written in BlitzBasic and used a BlitzBasic derivative for scripting, but Pro was written in C++ and used C# for scripting.

Pro is kind of a notorious letdown and the company shutdown mid-development.

While the source code is included, some work would need to be done to get it working with the binaries. I'm going to be looking into that.

Binaries: https://archive.org/details/realm-crafter-pro-2.53-beta-full-version_202311

Source code: https://archive.org/details/realm-crafter-pro-sources
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