OFFER - Office 97 Standard & Professional SR-1 English Diskette Install - Microsoft SELECT

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WinWorld's downloads page says diskette installs wanted.

More info:

Date: Sept 10. 1997

Microsoft SELECT CDs are provided to select institutions and companies.
The CD-ROM these were obtained from is "X03-96426, November 1998 Burgundy".
The serial, as is typical with Microsoft SELECT installations is embedded
in SETUP.INI, and will not be required at any time.
Disk 1 in each set is standard 1.44 mb, all others are DMF high capacity.
There are 41 diskette images in Standard, and 46 in the Professional Edition.
The installations are full, equivalent to Retail products, and not time
limited in any way.


  • Unfortunately, all of the DMF images are gibberish. They are only 5k in size.
  • Yup. You are right stupidity on my part.
    Might as well kill this post.

    I'll delete the upload.
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