Windws NT 3.1 article on new book and link to WinWorld image


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    On related note:
    I've been looking for a PDF of "Inside Windows NT" by Custer, no luck. It is the most referenced work from the early days (1993) of NT's birth. Found that has 2 copies - earlier one is missing at least 10 pages and later one has some watermarking stuff. Neither are, in's terms "borrowable", and even if they were, they'd be encrypted.

    The Copyright whores are effective at stifling the flow of information.

    Anyway, I got pissed, and spent about 2 weeks downloading's online reader of the book - 420 times to be more precise, checking for completeness, resizing and correctly numbering each page - all the usual BS.

    And then, partly because I'm old, and partly because PDF stuff has complexity, I set about the task of making a book out of these "pages" (they are actually image files, not clean, MS Word text with formatting and separate graphics). BTW, Adobe Acrobat Pro is wicked good - no wonder Adobe rules, in spite of the app being a bloated pig.

    When I get caught up this morning, I'll upload it to my google drive.
  • Wow, thanks for the effort. This is also a good example of why archived information like this needs to go to as many places as possible.
  • Yes it does need multiple locations. Google Books - many titles freely read are now just a preview or worse, catalog entry, similar to

    Years ago, when I had money, i donated to Michigan State University for their book and publication archiving operation. Today, I can no longer find even the repository.
  • Are there any other sources for the Infoworld magazines on Google Books? I had considered trying to suck some down and manually building PDFs like that, but have too many other things to do. Haven't checked lately to see if they prevent downloading the images in to plain disk cache now.

    At least there was a nice archive of Byte magazines in PDF format.
  • I know of no others.

    Have downloaded many a page from Google, but that's it.
    To my knowledge, any of those can be downloaded web page by web page, as before.

    For me, InfoWorld, Byte, Radio Electronics were the goto pubs for the era.

    Shame isn't it?

    BTW, daily now,

    is getting hit with hundreds and thousands of spam/flood posts, much like the warez torrent sites. is facing headwinds for sure.
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