[Offer] alternate MacOS "1.0" images

Kind of low on time, so I'll post these as an "offer" before I add them to the library.

Someone sent me these images that claim to be a dump of the disks included with the Jan 1984 Apple Macintosh. I don't believe they are completely "untouched", as just moving windows around changes things on the disk. But they are much less of a crufty joke than what we have currently, so unless there is something horribly wrong with them, I am inclined to add then.

A few notes:
On the system disks, the created and modified dates for the disk are identical. It usually doesn't work like that.
The default window position of the system folder is slightly off of the screen. Seems sloppy, but if someone just used the disk, then no big deal.
There are no applications on the system disk. The later disks seem to have the font mover, but this one has that on the paint/write disk.
On the flip side, the font mover looks like the appropriate one that should be with this version of MacOS, unless it has been fudged with.

The MacPaint/Write demo that is included with this is an earlier version than on Winworld, and has December 1983 file dates.
The MacPaint/Write doesn't seem to behave quite right in PCE. At the end of some of the demos, it starts displaying gibberish.
There are a couple of temporary file dates that suggest the disk was used at some much later date.

The MacPaint/write disk has Jan 24 versions of the applications.

The Mac Guided tour looks ok.

Away, I'll let others pick over this a bit. Disappointingly, they did not include disk scans. And there is no flux dump. The source did not say where these originated.


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