Winworld year in review

Time has been rather short, but we have gotten a lot of really good contributions this year. I apologize for anything that is still sitting in my backlog. And glancing at my messages, yay, even more contributions. Keep them coming.

I only had time to write up a couple of spotlights, but I have plenty still that I would like to write up.

So looking at my archive folder, I see there have been almost 300 new or updated downloads this year.

A few highlights:

Microsoft Fortran Compiler 2.20 for Macintosh

Many of the more obscure and less used programming tools are hard or impossible to find these days. It is always good to get these added.

Turbo Pascal Toolbox 1.0 - Database

Similarly, commercial programming libraries tend not to survive after newer stuff replaces them.

Microsoft Cash Plan 1.10
Microsoft Multi-Tool Budget 1.0

Several early companion products for Microsoft Multiplan.

Microsoft Multiplan 4.20
Not to mention, the final version of Mutiplan itself.

Microsoft Chart 2.02 for DOS
More pretty charts for DOS.

IBM Database 2 Version 2.1.2 for OS2
Some more good OS/2 stuff

POP Menu 2.1B (1990)
Also, lots and lots and lots of other low-cost DOS titles.

Bank Street Writer for IBM PC (1984)
Just because that was an early version I wanted to fill. It was popular on the Apple II, but not so much on IBM PC.

Aldus PageMaker 0.817 Beta (11-20-1986)
Also, lots of similar betas from a large lot. As far as I know, that Microsoft Windows 2.02 and Excel beta have not shown up anywhere.

Friday 1.0 (1983) (Needs redump)
Yea. Ashton-Tate Friday, that some consider the first PIM, was supposed to be some really hot stuff, and copies on eBay tend to have sold for quite a lot. But finally seeing what it actually is... not very impressive. Still would like to add a proper dump and manual scan.

Actor 1.0 (1987) (Needs redump)

Missing some files, but I was surprised it was actually a Windows 1 application.

Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold 4.02 for DOS (1990)
Because MIDI.

Copy II PC 4.01 (1987)
And some other version fills with actual disk dumps.

Apple Mac OS (System 1.0 (.97) Finder 1.0) (Macintosh System Disk) (Jan 1984)
A much neater copy of the first MacOS release and the bundled application disks than what we had.

IBM PC-DOS 6.10 [French]
As well as a number of other non-English version fills.

DELL Unix System V Release 4.0 Issue 2.2 (1992)
Managed to hunt down the source and correct a reported problem with this download. Thanks to everyone who tests things out and reports problems.

Happy holly daze from WinworldPC!


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