343 Tiny (1kb-13kb) Windows XP+ GUI Programs in a 1.44mb Floppy Image (+ documentation)

Hello everyone,

My previous post on 242 tiny Windows XP+ GUI programs in a 1.44mb floppy image had a bit of free space in the floppy image, so it got me wondering as to exactly how many tiny GUI programs would fit in a 1.44mb floppy image.

This is the result - a 1.44mb floppy image with 343 tiny (01kb-13kb) Windows XP+ GUI programs.

These are mainly programs from the early to mid 2000's aimed primarily at Windows XP and they have all been tested and confirmed working on Windows XP.

Many will work with Windows 9x through to Windows 10 (based on cursory testing done to date) but that's for you to find out as I don't have the time to test all these on each OS from Windows 95 to Windows 10.

I've only included Windows GUI programs and there are no DOS, Windows 3.1 or Windows 9x specific programs, or Windows XP CMD line programs.

There are also no device drivers, no system files, no games, no screensavers and no wallpapers or themes - just small functional freeware programs.

(Well . . . there are a couple of ring-ins . . . you decide which ones).

There are some most excellent small Windows programs in the collection.

I've included a brief description of each one and tried to identify the author, although that wasn't possible for all programs.

I've also included URL links to the author's web site where possible but most of these now only exist on the Internet Archive.

I've steered away from Java and NET programs (with a few exceptions) but there are quite a few VB/VC programs.

I've marked those programs I found which had a dependency in the documentation.

The programs are grouped into 7 categories, simply to make them easier to browse as 343 programs on 1 page is a bit awkward.

The downloads are on my small Synology web site - there are 6 files available for download:

1. A 1.44mb floppy image (IMA format) with all 343 program exe files (only) in 7 categories
2. A 4 page PDF document with a summary list of all 343 programs
3. A Zip file with each source program zipped (which may have additional documentation)
4. A 45 page PDF document with details of each of the 343 programs
5. A 55 page PDF document with a screenshot of all 343 programs (some do not display a GUI)
6. A Zip file with all 5 files above

The downloads are small, so download whatever takes your fancy and enjoy.

And finally, thanks to the program authors for making them freely available for everyone to enjoy.

The link to my small Synology web site is:


Best regards,


A summary of the 343 programs in the floppy image:

An example page from the program detail document:

An example page from the screenshot document:

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