[OFFER] TAFA Character Animation Lip Sync tool

TAFA the character animation lip sync tool:-

The dev released TAFA free of charge, but his installer was based on tweaking the trial version (because he lost the main installer).

Please find attached the proper original .exe installation for TAFA with an offline webpage which includes working video tutorial videos:-

Serial number is TAFA-1313-1859-2051
Unsure how long link stays active, so grab now and share around...


  • Nice one... Did not have this>>>
  • thanks for sharing, this is interesting software!
    How do you know it was released for free, I tried looking at the wayback on the forum, is there a page or something?

    It's a small app, but complex, most of the size is avi tutorials.
    Tuts by the author of: https://www.amazon.com/Lightwave-3D-8-Character-Animation/dp/1556220995

    Per vertex, (morphing targets) animation, not skeleton/bones, which was common for facial animation.
    Requires a lot of work to get each target set up but this program is very useful.

    There are no standard export formats (ie dae/fbx etc), it exports to lightwave's morph mixer & Motion designer file mdd, the tuts say they are platform independent (MAX/Maya/xsi), ie: https://github.com/brainexcerpts/MDD_file_exporter and https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/45921/how-to-import-mdd-files

    There's also a simple text file export, which tracks the strength of each target for each frame, which is very useful if you can manage the morphing via programming, ie a game engine, this might be useful for me, because horde3d does this kind of morphing also.

    I uploaded the zip, the web avi, and the book.

    Thanks again!
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    Thank you for your post Garcia (and also TalkOrBell).
    Here are links to the dev's site with his download version and instructions:- link 1 / link 2
    He also did a forum post and is happy to have TAFA out in the wild. Enjoy..
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    thanks for the info!
    I found Mac's youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@MacReiter/videos
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    Great. I am impressed how quickly you managed to find all the associated material.

    I like the links to the 3D and 2D apps and other little utlities on this forum but am sad I missed the original posts and links which are now dead. I really do hope they revive again. I am also interested in those 3D and 2D apps which are non-installing and can just run from a usb stick (I saw mention of a hundred apps on a drive), but I will keep going through the threads.
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    I geek out on old 3D apps like this :)
    Some are more useful to me than others.
    If you come across a dead link ask for a reload.

    This site is also good to check out, he curates apps, vids and docs:
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