OFFER!!!... enableToolbox 2.3d Win32 - Kool OT Desktop Bar From 1999>>>

Another rediscover, actually now that I use Iconoid to hide desktop icons this toolbar a welcome addition>>>

It initially mounts everything you got on your desktop to the bar but you can remove or add ANYTHING... You can use SHIFT & Scrollwheel to keep viewing desktop items that are too numerous for the screen...

Has Clock, RAM, CPU, Run, etc. Single clicks open anything, RT clicks configure... Can be horizontal as well, docked or undocked & auto-hide but in my case of using Iconoid which is hidden that is not possible I would have to shut Iconoid off or reveal to have auto-hide on>>>

Toolbar background can be a color or a texture & bar size is changeable>>>

25 Year-Old Koolness>>>

Info Here-

Download Here-

Numerical Helper Value-


  • Wonderful! Thank you so much. I was looking at this along with enable virtual desktop, a long time ago and could never find a numerical helper value.
  • That's great that it helped out... Yeah it's getting harder to find (legit) numerical helper values online anymore. I like this enableToolbox been using it ever since now on the rediscovery channel. I like how it maintains it's own space pulling it out wider which is an option to scrolling down. Made some textures for backgrounds but not effective unless it is pulled out wider... Good Talk!...Have a Great One>>>
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