[Offer] Microsoft Word 2.0c for Windows (3.5 720KB) (Year:1992) (Mail Order)

*Microsoft Word 2.0c for Windows (3.5 720KB) (Year:1992) (Mail Order)

Media : 3.5" 720KB - 12EA
OS : MS-DOS 4.0 or higher for 3.5" 720KB, Windows 3.x
(This was dumped by original media, no broken, no modified.)

Reference Screenshot : https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/comment/185204#Comment_185204

Download Link : https://mega.nz/file/S8MHhIYK#PQROGNfPA3dibf1HTNo8VI3RH7yR5ZYrWiWEehd9mGY

*This was available from Microsoft Mail Order only.


  • Hi
    Why don't you upload the pictures of box and disk artwork along with your images?
    Be aware that most software get multiple re-releases with subtle updates or modifications but without even changing the version number.
    Just naming your disk image dump with a "Title (Year)" is insufficient to uniquely identify a release. It's better you could just take a photo of your dumped diskettes and box & manuals and pack together inside a zip archive for reference.
    After all even the people living in most under-developed territories today have access to a smartphone which can easily take reasonably good quality photos. I bet you're from Republic of Korea, a developed country. So why not save a picture of your dumped diskettes?
  • Comments pruned.

    Simply don't ask ibmpc5150 for photos, he won't provide them. I've tried. Occasionally he posts some good stuff, but I always test it to make sure it is at least complete enough.

    Microsoft labels, even though boring, usually do include part numbers and such that reflect the revision/release of the software, and can be very important sometimes.
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