Request Impulse tracker 1.02 and 1.04

Does anyone have impulse tracker 1.02 and 1.04. I want them to complete the collection of impulse tracker versions!


  • Certainly the missing versions... I looked about no go>>>
  • That’s a real shame, looks like my last resort will be trawling through and their dos cd collections and failing that trying the old bbs’s of and old bygone era. The one site that may have had the complete collection was but sadly that went down in the early 2000’s!
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    Yup, one can spend alot of time going through CDs there sometimes with a 'happy accident' or two. Othertimes it's "I wish I had those 3-4 hours back!"...

    I assume you got all he others? Tracker/

    Also if you are looking for oldish tracker stuff maybe here might be of interest-

  • Sadly😞 one may have to travel 🧳 back in time to get what they want. That is if the software is still available. If only I had the time back then and hard drive space I would have collected every single version. But I managed to get all except 4 versions that I know of the software. Two beta version of the software and the two versions I’m asking for.

    Yes I know of these two links but sadly they don’t hold the versions I’m looking for. But thanks anyway Talk or 🛎 bell
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