OFFER!!!... Various Software/Hardware/Game Manuals-Guides-Tuts from Y2K Period>>>

I discovered this server when it was still current but now it's in the wayback only... Nice thing is that almost everything is intact & comes back...

Mostly valid PDFs, CHMs, DOCs & such centered a few years pre & post of Y2K...

Numerous Adobe, Microsoft, Macromedia, Metacreations, 3DS Max & much more... I have found a number of "HEY Awesome!" finds to match software I have... But there's much more with alot of self-reliance, survival & plenty of the "loompanics' books... I recommend grabbing 'Where there is no Doctor' & 'Where There is No Dentist' which are very good especially for up-coming times very soon...

The Lions Share of Software Manuals are here- Folder/Computers/Software_Manuals/Program_Manuals/

Go 'UP' one to get to the Games branch... Go 'UP' two to get to all kinda computer knowledge of the past then one 'UP' from that for all kinda survival & related...


  • IA is a great resource, innit?!
  • Yup, But like all good things they do end at some point I recommend everyone get what they want off it & save>>>>
  • Hmmm. I/we hope IA continues, just as Winworld, in spite of the legal struggles. Personally, I'm at the terabyte level of contributions both in software and publications.
  • We can be pretty sure that both Winworld and IA would end, eventually. Given the Lindy effect both are likely to survive for many years, though.

    But, nonetheless, it's really worrying that so many assume they would be with us forever. Making and keeping personal archives is absolutely vital.

    And I admit that I neglect that activity.
  • edited February 11
    Yes, Since both are covering subjects 'already passed' then there appears to not be an expiration date except for the masses that think newer is better...

    It's just plane, plain weird how so many think DVDs-CDs are EMP proof... There's never gonna be an EMP or Carrington event...
  • "Such media is EMP proof..."


  • interesting stuff there, a bit of old gamedev articles and books
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