OFFER!!!... leafDrums 2.1.1 Win32 - 22 Year-Old Drum Sequencer Standalone with FX>>>

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This is sort of a forgotten gem, Nicely designed Drum Sequencer from back when there were quite a few of them. Some of them rather junky...

Has plenty of processes & FX that can be applied to any drum sample whilst everything loops on here I am sequencing a pot-pan percussion set I have. Best to use your own the included sounds are dull & dated-

There is a 'Stretch to Fit' in case you wanna bring in an already created loop or use it as another FX on a sample...

Simple click to apply a 'hit' click again to remove, R-Click to apply a hit with accent...

You can change to any tempo & render a single pattern or a whole bunch strung together...

Rendering output works well & checking 'purity' the pattern loops seamless & accurate in the exported WAV...

I guess drum sequencers were so popular because that's something anybody can play, has to be....

This is kool stuff from the past, many do not even know of this particular one>>>

Get it here-

Numerical Helper Value-

Piss... OK forgot to add to register with GUI focus press CTRL & R then you get window for challenge>>>


  • Hmm 🧐 another keeper!
  • thanks for sharing... it's a good simple beat creator and that's it.

    In the help there this:

    leafDrums doesn't do MIDI output
    If you prefer to work with MIDI, you'll need to use another program to program melodies or bass lines, and then record the results to a .wav file for leafDrums. (I use my leafLoops, which is a very very simple MIDI sequencer I wrote; it is good enough for creating short melodic sequences)

    But I couldn't find leafLoops on archive... I did find a newer version... mostly bug fixs by the log in help.
  • You should try the numerical helper value on that version, see if it works. I usually try to match exact builds with exact helper values to eliminate useless uninstalls...

    I have leafLoops I'll upload later>>>
  • I guess it works (Registered 9582) I installed the old version then installed the new one, it worked fine.
  • Alright then I'll save the newer one for future install I don't see the need to change out the 2.1.1 presently>>>>
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