[OFFER] Red Hat Linux 4.0

According to Wikipedia, this is the first ever public version of the Red Hat Linux distribution to include the famous "Shadowman" logo, which consisted of a white monochrome man wearing a red hat that covered his eyes and was the official logo of the Red Hat company until 2019, when it was replaced with a simple red hat with a black band. This Linux distro version was codenamed Colgate and was released on October 3, 1996.

CD1 (contains the RPMs required for the correct installation): https://archive.org/download/official-red-hat-linux-4.0/official-red-hat-linux-4.0-cd1.iso
CD2 (only contains the source RPMs, which are unnecessary): https://archive.org/download/official-red-hat-linux-4.0/official-red-hat-linux-4.0-cd2.iso
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