OFFER!!!... leafLoops 1.0 Win32 - Super Simple & Small OT MIDI Sequencer for the Consumer>>>

Never understood the use of 'Consumer' seems very derogatory... "I Consume, Therefore I Am"...

Anyways here's leafLoops which is super simple OT commercial MIDI Sequencer... What you see is what you get... You pencil in your tune & play in whatever makes noise that has a MIDI port or THROUGH a virtual MIDI port to another device...

Not much to see & that's is about as big as it gets so really a 'micro-Composer'... So what can it hook to? Depends on what you got say everybody has that krappy microsoft synth... Personally I use with it the Yamaha XG which sounds pretty good OR if you are 'With It' & have AXS Tracker then AXS can be the sound generator which sounds pretty good & is easy to hook-up... You have to have a virtual MIDI port like Hubi's Loopback, MIDI Thruway or other... I use Ntonyx MIDI Matrix which was once commercial but now free, you can get it here-

Sounds great screamin' synth using AXS but there are numerous others too you gotta play about>>>

OK grab from here-

CTRL & Right Click enter Numerical Helper Value-


  • Did the developer hate midi files? lol
    It's cute, but can not save to midi :anguished:
  • Yea... It's a different take, only saves on the leaf format yet outputs MIDI well at least you can have a number of patterns & trigger them. He probably didn't make much money off this. Spacetoad way better & free...
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