Visual Reality 2 by Visual Software

Here is a link to where you can download the full iso. Its the fore runner to Simply 3d.

also here's the link to Visual Reality 1.5 for dos




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  • Have you installed the 2.0 on windows enviro?... Just curious to see a screenshot and/or if it will run without an 'out of memory' error...
  • No I haven't because my stuff is in storage. So no real chance to test it yet. But I believe it can run on windows 3.1 and the 9xs not to sure about xp but you might be lucky. 1.5 is dos only from what i see on the tin.
  • never came across an out of error myself its been ages since i have used it.
  • OK Roger on that... I'll probably leave it be then>>>
  • Why you should try it!
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