AI and the desktop environment

It's been suggested that the concept of AI is making its away to the desktop environment although I suppose it's already been done for Windows 11. After learning that this will happen to macOS also, I think we should have a discussion about this, whether this is a good or bad thing.

Personally, I think it's a bad thing, much like the thing about auto-correct for phones back in the day and in general would probably make people lazier when it comes to writing documents and such, and to me it'll gradually become a necessity in people's lives like what the Internet had become over the last decade. I mean, all that can be turned off, no? Even so, Microsoft would just revert it after every update... (and because of this, this is another why I wish to cling on to Windows 7 as much as I can).

I also heard that phones that are to have this as well (even for one specific phone that was recently advertised), but would it be wrong to say that Linux won't have it? I know that its distros don't have the garbage that Windows was plagued with on recent years, so I don't expect them to have any of this.

So, what is everyone's opinion on this?


  • "AI" is still a solution looking for a problem.

    The last couple of years someone with big bucks has been fueling an AI advertising frenzy. Open a news site these days and its some garbage like "AI saved a baby! Buy more AI!".

    I have yet to see anything you can *DO* with it that is actually useful and relaiable enough to warrant its use.

    But what does AI even DO for ME? Ok, those drawing/morphing programs are kind of cool, but I would hate to be an artist who's work has been assimilated. Chat programs have been fun since the original Eliza, but not useful.

    If they could curb the hallucinations, which I believe they can, it could be a good research tool for sorting through huge amounts of information. Sort of like like a really fast research student who, like an AI, has no actual understanding of the topic.

    The big problem is that AI will never reliably do what common people think it will. Self driving cars are one example. It is good enough to do 99.9% of common driving activity, but the percent that remains is critical life and death activity.

    Yet, people will believe AI is somehow infallible. Facial recognition is a perfect example of that. The AI identifies the criminal as Harry Buttle but it's really Harry Tuttle, and so on. That has been a problem with classical computers and programs, but those are at least audit-able and possible to place blame.

    Which leads to the next problem. AI's are not engineered. They are "trained" by throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. Ask an AI what 2+2 is. Well, chat programs out there have probably been carefully trained on common problems like that, but if they were not then they would just search their database and occasionally return "5", or some wisecrack remark, or gibberish. Who knew cake recipes called for so much sediment shaped sediment?

    Soo, AI on the desktop? What the blazes? Why? As an assistant perhaps? Probably because the "modern" Windows layout feels like something pulled out of high school student's butt and then packaged by a bureaucrat. So you have to have a "search" for all of it.

    Remember how in Windows 3.1 it was easier to click "File", "Run" and then type "Winfile" than hunting through a dozen program groups trying to remember which one had the file manager? If you have to TYPE IN a command then your GUI design has failed. Hell, I once used MacOS 8 for half an hour before realizing I forgot to plug in the keyboard. They fixed all of that in Windows 95 then kept crapping all over it.

    AI is bullshit.
  • AI is just the next step in what computers have ever done, imo.

    Also true, is AI derived art, papers, etc will diminish all art and papers etc. But hell, Gutenberg started his mischief in 1440, and now any damn fool can buy a book.

    Every time I say "hey Siri" into this contraption I hold up to my face, is it not conjuring an AI Genie to serve me?

    I don't know - I'm asking.
  • is it not conjuring an AI Genie to serve me?

    With a side of fries, yes.
  • @SomeGuy
    Soo, AI on the desktop? What the blazes? Why? As an assistant perhaps?

    Well, really from @yourepicfailure had been saying in another thread... and that Notepad is to get the horrid AI treatment also. I know Word already has, just from me using the loaned laptop from college (but that was just of it adding in "text" describe an image being pasted onto a document, that I was doing as part of an assignment).
  • interestingly, Sabine Hossenfelder - theoretical physicist, author and Content Creator (YouTube) - just posted her observations on the progress of AI. Well, not hers so much as the observations of those active in the field.

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