[REQUEST] Btrieve for DOS and other.


I'm looking for complete original Btrieve 5.x or 6.x packages for DOS and other OSes. It seems to me that this rarity has already been forgotten by everyone.



  • Not forgotten by me. Used to hand code Btrieve tables. In fact it was why I first got interested in Usenet - at the suggestion of Btrieve Devs who had a group there.

    At the link below, you will find 5.1 and a Blobby warez CD with 6.15 Server by release group Drink or Die (DoD).

  • Hello, 02k-guy!

    I checked everything on archive.org and didn't find anything original there. I'm interested in the contents of the original packages, for example this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/234996197295
  • Hmmm. The way it usually works around these parts, is somebody has an interest, goes to eBay, buys what interests them, then shares what they got here, or on other sites.

    But you have a nice day.
  • I'm hoping for the odd occasion where someone pulls a box of floppy disks off a forgotten shelf and shares it here. =)
  • Unfortunately, those boxes of floppy disks are becoming less and less common.

    And so are the dollar bills used to buy them.
  • "Unfortunately, those boxes of floppy disks are becoming less and less common."

    Yup. Back in 2013, watched my entire stash go up in smoke. Binders, notes, flops, source code, dev tools, etc. spent untold hours making dupes and storing them on Kodak archival CDs. Oh well, sheet happens. (shrugs)

    But do know - Btrieve really set the stage for the next generation of Database containers - aka SQL. And we had something that has not been repeated - both local and remote database engines that made sorts and multi-user access blazingly fast.

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