OFFER!!!... SideFX Houdini 2.5 Final Win32 - First Windows Version From 1998 (Early)>>>

Yup, This be an NT app not a windows 98 sort... Works great on XP, BUTT!... You gotta have a 1280x1024 & have it enabled before starting or it won't even start up at all...

1280x1024.... 1280x1024>>>

Comes with ancient PDFs & Sea Scrolls to get you started>>>

Legendary & also the price which was 17 big ones>>>

If you can attain THAT resolution & have at least NT 3.51 & 128 MB RAM You are good to go>>>

Pass is WinWorld


Working on my Dell E1705 with the 1280x1024 rez-


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    17 big ones :tired_face: Could have bought a new car for that back then... I guess 3D was still state of the art, hi tech back in the late 90's.

    How is the UI? It kinda scares me, just looking at it.
  • Ooooo now that’s worth two farts 💨 must have a look at those ancient sea 🌊 scrolls 📜 and see what all the fuss is about!

    I see Houdini apprentice is free on their site but some older versions of it are on some cover disc I will link one ☝️ if there’s interest!
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    UI is a bit scary but not as bad as later ones... I actually like Houdini 8 which is the last of the 'shelfless' versions...Very powerful procedural stuff... Houdini 4 was used in the first X-Man movie for the scene where the 'senator' turns into a jellyfish then bursts into water on the gurney... The earlier ones were use in 'Contact', 'Dr Dolittle' & some others...
  • How the bloody hell did you find this! The oldest version I could ever find was 4.0. Thank you so much!
  • Don't know as I have had it for many years... You are welcome>>>
  • Are you able to re-upload this somewhere? Both the and links seem to be dead
  • Not a Problem BUTT!... I don't have it handy local anymore probably will hafta disk dive to get it again & I forget which bin I had put the SideFX stuff in as I had rearranged...

    So might not be on the soon side unless somebody else has it handier>>>>
  • I had a quick look if I had it, but I didn't download it or I deleted it.
  • Well Thanks Anyway... I got a shindig to go to today I'll look tomorrow>>>
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    Got it... Out of 44 Bins of CD-DVDs it was in first one looked into...

    Look to NFO for specific install instructions & make sure you can attain the required screen rez...

    Pass is WinWorld


    Of Interest the scene in the first X-Men Movie (2000) where the Senator is laying on the gurney then 'liquifies' was done in Houdini 4-

    Part 1-

    Part 2-
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