IBM Fortran Compiler /2

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imageIBM Fortran Compiler /2

This is IBM's FORTRAN compiler software for the IBM PC. It was written by Microsoft and is similar to the Microsoft FORTRAN Compiler. up until IBM Fortran/2.

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  • Hi! I am trying to install the 1987 IBM Fortran/2 (5.25-360k) on two PCs, one of each is a IBM 5155, and when I run "INSTALL" I receive the message: "You must execute the INSTALL program from the INSTALL distribution diskette. Please correct and try again.". And it goes out. Anyone knows how to bypass this? Thank you
  • Yes, it seems to be good dumped. Thanks.
  • pbotinas, you probably did not create the disks correctly or you tried to run it from a hard drive. You should use WinImage, or a similar disk writing tool to write the images directly to the floppy disk, rather than copying files.

    Like so many DOS programs, this installer checks the volume label. If that is not set on the disk, it will give you that error message.
  • Thank you for the informations. I normally format the diskettes with PBOTINAS label before I use Winimage to make the installation diskettes. Probably this is a problem of diskette label. I will try again without any label on the diskettes. Regards.
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