OFFER!!!... Cakewalk Project5 1.5 Win32 & Extras - Just What Everybody Yearns for>>>

Now up on>>>

Includes a GB of DS864 Banks, Extra Patterns, Blah-blah...

Here is what it sounds like this is me just stringing together some patterns so not really a composition just for demo porpoises-

That was Lounge Lizard plugin, don't remember the guitar but was probably plugsound...

All instruction for install is included... your MFX plugins will be good in this as well...

Can play ACiD WAV files so sonic foundries' REX version...

DS864 can import SF2 & AKAI...

Straightforward good-good...


  • Big one!
    Nice package as always, I need to stop saying that :blush:
    Your example is pretty sweet! Piano and guitar sound very real to me.
    Had a quick play, demo song sounds nice, impressive software... but no midi file save/export, had a quick search of help, and didn't see anything.

    Still, I'll have more of play with this one, thanks again! :clap:
  • Sadly didn’t get that file in time oh well!
  • edited March 18
    Well... I feel this my fault, I apologized to him. I felt bad ruining what we had here....

    On his last post he gave me permission to reupload his stuff, so I guess I can do that.

    I didn't download everything:
    Reason 2.5-Up NN-XT Custom Made Refills
    I didn't have reason

    Project 5 Enigmatic Rhodes Pattern Examples
    Listened via archive's web media player

    When I get files up, I'll create a new post.
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