OFFER!!!... Hard Note JUMP 1.23 Win32 - Clever MIDI Composer With Porpoise>>>

Up on (NOPE, They took it down - UPDATE)

Yes, From the site back in the day-

Sorta 'opposed' to Jammer in that there is no use of 'styles' in JUMP... The porpoise is quite clear>>>

I have included the Yamaha Synth with this upload as well because the microshaft shart sounds so bad... Piping it to about anything else is better>>>

OK, Well anything I got on you want better get it if they start deleting any I won't be re-uploading anywhere else>>>

JUMP didn't even make it to my home page...

Pass is WinWorld



  • yeah, they took it down because of the keygen... its has a virus:

    I always run these in a VM clone get the key or patch and then nuke the VM.
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    No it don't have a G-Damned virus...false positive off dipshit online crap that think everything has some virus... Ran this many times on many machines for at least 20 years... piss on archive last upload there for sure>>>

    I'll give everyone here 2 days then I'm taking everything off there permanent>>>
  • It would be a false positive if it patches files, not generate a key tho.

    I dont like that it remove files, even if it has a virus, a warning with the link to the page would be enough.

    I uploaded to the same archive for a few months until one program that patches PS1 executable removed it all. :anguished::i_dunno:

    I wouldn't worry about, that's what they do... 'trust and safety' is complete BS
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    Do you think people run cracks, patches, or keygens and think there's no virus in any of them? We all know some do have viruses and that's just the price we pay for free SW... I dont take it personally, and nor did I mean anything by point out a virus.

    I dont like anti virus, but I do run my VM through this one every few months:
    The new iso dont support older HW unfortunately.

    But yes it could be a false positive and I wont ever bring up viruses again.
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