Microsoft OS/2 SDK 2.0

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imageMicrosoft OS/2 SDK 2.0

The Microsoft OS/2 SDK includes pre-release builds of OS/2, beta development tools, sample code, and loads of documentation. These were released prior to the OS/2 1.0 and 1.1 releases. Microsoft charged $3,000 in 1987 for the SDK. It was criticized as overpriced, buggy, and slow.

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  • Worth noting that this includes a pre-release version CL386, the first C compiler that targeted 32-bit OS/2. The compiler itself is a 16-bit OS/2 binary which will run on all versions of OS/2 (and later on, the early versions of Windows NT). It will also run under PharLap/286.

    The LE binaries generated by the LINK386.EXE linker supplied with this pre-release SDK aren't compatible with LX binaries used by the final release of IBM OS/2 2.0, but you can swap out LINK386.EXE with a newer one from OS/2 2.0 or later to generate LX binaries.

    The IBM-Microsoft split in early 1991 meant IBM had to source their own 32-bit C compiler for OS/2 since they could no longer use Microsoft's. Almost two years after this pre-release, IBM would release CSet/2 to coincide with the final release of OS/2 2.0 in 1992.

    CL386 would later evolve into Visual C++ for Windows NT.
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