OSR 2 Incorrect minimum disk requirement

OSR 2 Says that i require 93.2 MB To install 95b. (Compact Type)
86box Used
config used:
i486 Socket 168/1
SiS VL-BUS 471 REV. A1
Intel i486DX2 WB At 66 MHz
RAM: 12 MB

Video: S3 Trio32 Phoenix No 8514/A, Voodoo or XGA

Input Devices: Microsoft/Logitech Bus Mouse

Sound Device: Soundblaster 16 + FLOAT32 Sound with nuked on

No networks or ports

VLB IDE Controller and FDD Internal Controller

No Adaptecs/Other enabled

Dynamic VHD On IDE 0:0 at 963 Cy. 8 He. And 17 Sec. (63.9 MB)
1.44 MB x 2 FDDs
ATAPI CD-ROM On 0:1, Speed at 72x and type is NEC CD-ROM Drive:280 1.05

No other removable devices or peripherals

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